About No Kidding

No Kidding is an all-volunteer social group for adults who, for whatever reason, have never had children. Membership is open to any adult who has never parented, regardless of gender, age, color, race, marital status, social or economic status, ethnicity, cultural or linguistic background, political affiliation, sexual or religious affiliation, or physical or mental ability.

Most members of No Kidding have thought long and hard about parenthood and have concluded (for various reasons) that it isn't really right for them, while others are still in the decision-making process. They have all joined No Kidding to be able to interact with other adults who can be spontaneous in their activities, who can chat on the phone without interruptions, and who won't alienate them by talking about kids all the time. No Kidding provides a place where people can talk about anything but diapers and pre-schools and do fun and varied things together.

About No Kidding, Chester County

The No Kidding, Chester County Chapter was formed to bring the child-free of the region together to meet one another and enjoy each other's company.

In December of 2001, three people gathered to discuss forming a chapter of No Kidding to serve child-free adults in Chester County. The three founding members were brought together by a common interest in meeting and socializing with other child-free adults.

Today, more than 200 people are on the No Kidding Chester County Chapters' membership list, with 20-40 attending the monthly events and interest continues to grow.

The local media has recognized the growing trend toward child-free lifestyles. Stories have appeared in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Main Line Magazine and the Daily Local News (West Chester). The events are listed in dozens of newspapers and magazines each month.

In 2002, the chapter was launched with a potluck reception. The group grew from there with monthly events, including: a garden tour, a picnic, a wine tasting, dinners at local restaurants, theater, a museum tour, a weekend bicycling trip and a whale watch. Later that year, the No Kidding chapter introduced the monthly Women's Dinner to provide another social avenue for child-free women.

In 2003, the No Kidding Chester County Chapter launched a book club to offer even more social opportunities for members.

The group continues to grow because members enjoy meeting others who share a common lifestyle and similar interests. Group activities reflect the interests of the members as everything is organized and initiated by group members.

Come to our next event and join in the fun. Whether you are interested in one event or in joining in all of the activities, you will find group members welcoming.

Liability Disclaimer

All No Kidding events are attended entirely at your own risk. No Kidding, its founders, members, and hosts assume no liability or responsibility of any kind for anyone, member, non-member or guest, attending functions or activities. Any opinions voiced, written or publicized are purely those of the individuals and do not necessarily represent No Kidding, its founders or members.