Frequently Asked Questions


What does “child-free” really mean?

Childfree people are not parents and never have been parents. Each individual has his/her own personal reasons for making this choice.


Who can be a No Kidding Member?

Membership in No Kidding is open to any adult who has never parented, regardless of gender, race, color, marital status, ethnicity, or political affiliation.


Is there a membership fee to join No Kidding?

There is no membership fee to join No Kidding, Chester County.  Events and activates are “pay as you go”.  Each individual is responsible for paying for his or her meals and entertainment.  A $1 per person activity fee is added to the cost of some activities to cover the cost of web administration, paper supplies and other miscellaneous expenses associated with promoting and producing the group’s activities.


My spouse has a child from a previous marriage.  Can s/he still attend No Kidding Events with me?

Yes.  If someone who has never had children has a partner who has had children, the no-parent can join No Kidding while their partner (the one with kids) can come as their guest.


My kids are grown and out of the house.  I’m divorced and my ex-husband/wife has custody. Am I “child free”?

Unfortunately, no. “Child free” means that you are not, and have never been, the parent of a child.  This is one rule that we strictly enforce.


Is No Kidding a Singles Group?

While some of our members are single, No Kidding is not a singles group.  Membership in No Kidding is open to any adult who has never parented, regardless of marital status.


Who is your “typical” No Kidding Member?

Members in the Chester County Chapter range in age from people in their 20’s through 60’s.  Couples, Singles, men and women are all represented on our members’ list.  Most members of No Kidding have thought long and hard about parenthood and have concluded (for various reasons) that it isn’t right for them.  Still others are still in the decision-making process. Some have wanted to have children but were unable to do so.  They have all joined No Kidding to be able to socialize with other adults who can be spontaneous, who can chat on the phone without interruptions, and who won’t alienate them by talking about kids all of the time.  Some No Kidding members adore children, some like children, some are neutral towards children, and some may even dislike children. You are likely to meet people from all categories at our events.


What type of events does No Kidding offer?

No Kidding sponsors a wide variety of events.  Past events have included wine tasting, dinners, garden tours, bike rides, picnics, potluck cocktail parties, whale watches, museum tours, and many more. Take a look at our past events list for more details. We welcome new ideas and are open to almost anything except an afternoon at Chuckie Cheese!


When is the next No Kidding event?

Check the upcoming events list for a complete schedule then take a minute and mark all of the dates in your calendar. We want to see you often.


How can I sign up to get announcements about upcoming events?

We would love to add you to our event announcement list.  Send us an email and let us know you want to be part of the group.  All we need is your first and last names and email address.  There is no membership fee.  No Kidding Chester County Chapter respects the privacy of members as well as visitors to the website.  No Kidding makes every effort to protect and use information responsibly and appropriately. Information about members is collected solely for the purpose of providing those interested with information about events and activities sponsored by the chapter.  The information is only made available on an as-needed basis to those actively involved in the planning process.  The information is not shared with any other organization or person for any other person.


You have a No Kidding event scheduled along with a lunch or dinner.  What if I only want to go to the event or the meal? Can I do that?

Yes, we would love to have you join us at any time.  Be certain that the event coordinator knows what you are planning to do so the coordinator can make the appropriate arrangements. There may be a rare occasion when this is not possible and the event coordinator will let you know.


If I have RSVP'd to a No Kidding event and my plans change so that I can no longer attend, do I need to tell anyone?

If you have RSVP-ed that you are attending an event and your plans change, it is very important that you let the event coordinator know before the event (by e-mail or telephone) that you are unable to attend.  Emergencies may prevent you from doing this on a rare occasion, but please try to make an effort out of courtesy to other members of the group and the facilities who host our events.  Knowing whether to expect you affects other members of the group because in many instances we will wait for you to arrive before starting our activity. In other cases, your presence may affect the cost of the event because we sometimes get discounted rates for a certain size group. It is important that we provide accurate information to the facilities that host us so we do not take up space we will not use and reduce their revenue.  Our relationship with facilities is important for future activities and the reputation of our organization.


How can I get directions to a No Kidding event or find out about possible carpooling?

Most of the events on our website include links to a facility website that offers directions and other information.  More detailed information is sent to those on our member lists using “evites”. If an event is held at a private home, the event organizer will e-mail all those who RSVP their evite with directions prior to the event.  Carpooling can be arranged through the evite process.


Why isn’t the full address for each even listed on the website?

When events are held at private homes, the event organizer will e-mail all those who have RSVP'd for the event the full address of the home and the directions to the event.  The full address for the event is not posted on the website to protect the privacy and security of those who are kind enough to host events at their homes.

How do I find the No Kidding group when I arrive at the event?

The best way to identify us when you arrive at the event will depend on where the event is held. The event coordinator will send you details about the event for which you have signed up. Often we are the only group at the facility so you just need to mention to the person at the entrance that you are meeting a large group of people.  Reservations are generally held under the event coordinator’s nametags, which is another way to find us.  We usually wear nametags with our logo on them, so you may spot us that way.  If you see a group of people having fun and there are no screaming children nearby, that probably is us!



How do you handle paying for meals when eating at a restaurant during a No Kidding event?

We ask each person to pay for what they ordered (food and drink) and add 25% to the total to cover tax and tip.  That way everyone pays for what he or she has enjoyed and no one is unfairly burdened.  It is simple and seems to work well for us. Please plan on bringing cash to cover your charges.

I have an idea for an event.  How can I get No Kidding to sponsor my event?

We are open to almost all event ideas. As an all-volunteer organization, the best way to ensure than at event happens is to offer to be the event coordinator.


Why don’t you plan more No Kidding events near me?

We make an effort to offer programs throughout the region to encourage wide participation.  The best way to be sure there are events near you is to offer to coordinate an event at a location near you.


How do I get a list of members’ email addresses and phone numbers?

We are unable to provide personal information such as email addresses and phone numbers about our members.  As stated in our privacy policy, we are committed to the protection of the privacy of our members. Information about members is collected solely for the purpose of providing those interested with information about events and activities sponsored by the chapter.  The information is only made available on an as-needed basis to those actively involved in the planning process for events.  The information is not shared with any other organization o person for any other purpose.  If you meet someone at an event with whom you would like to stay in touch, please ask that person how to best reach them.